Letter From Host


Dear Family Members,

Welcome to this years Folsom Family Reunion. With the dedication and guidance of the Pike Family, this year is bound to be an exciting experience. Each of the main attractions should entice child as well as their seniors. The State of Florida Museum will offer you the answer as to why there were no dinosaurs in Florida, hint , it was not because there were no roads leading to Florida. The old Capitol Museum ,about a block away, houses Florida's early political history. With-in theses walls you can find the rational as to why , if charged with a crime you are entitled to an attorney.

Harry Folsom, our genealogist, and myself share a common ancestry. We trace our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th great grandfathers on the Folsom side to Hahira Ga. The trip is about 75 miles one way, I've made it many times showing distant kin the way. Your heart fills with pride and you say a little prayer.

I think I am the only one in my immediate family who has not ever , not even once, visited the Caverns at Marrianna Florida. I will share this experience with my extended family.

San Louis Mission, is another location I have missed out on. I've had plenty of opportunities just never taken advantage of them. But upon leaving this safe environment we will enter Alligator Ally. At the light house at Saint Marks, the Alligators are protected. At Wakulla Springs you may swim with these gentle creatures. The fort at Saint Marks has the Wakulla River on one side and the Saint Marks River on the other, have you guessed it yet? Alligators all around.

Maybe this is a good time to change topics and talked about the Seminole tour. Well the athletic department at Florida State University. A very good friend of mines son-in-law is a trainer for the team. He is willing to take a group of five people behind the scenes, on a couple of our days, so you can see the training that builds National Champions.

The Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science, wow , sounds like a learning experience.
If you have ever had fun learning , well this is it. Farm life, wild animals, one room school house, plenty to see and do here which includes Zip Lining if you are so incline.


Try the above site it should take you to short video of a small monument. Did I forget to mention that our banquet will be at the Sauls-Bridges American Legion Post 13 on beautiful Lake Ella? This monument, a gift from France is in the care of the American Legion. Now that I have your attention focused on the American Legion, be prepared for a night of dining and entertainment. Best dance floor in town so practice up those smooth moves.

Thanks to the family for allowing me to host and to the Pike's for doing all the work. It is my desire that everyone enjoys their stay in Tallahassee.
John P Folsom ( jp )