**Agenda Subject to Change w/o Notice**

July 25th July 26th July 27th July 28th July 29th
8:00 AM   Depart 8:45 Depart 8:30 Games in the Park with Children  
9:00 AM   WW1 Museum Science Center  Truman Museum    
10:00 AM     Zoo Lecturer  
11:00 AM         Check Out
12:00 PM   Lunch - On your Own Lunch - On your Own Lunch - On your Own  
1:00 PM   Hallmark/ Union Station   Frontier Trails Museum Lunch Genealogical Mtg  
2:00 PM   Lego Pool Party  
3:00 PM Check In   or Train Depot    
4:00 PM   Return To Hotel Return To Hotel    
5:00 PM   Open Evening to explore Salon B Pizza Party Banquet Room  
6:00 PM Exec. Suite Board Meeting Photo  
7:00 PM Registration Open  Spoons Dinner Banquet  
8:00 PM 6-9 in Hospitality Suite Family Meeting  
9:00 PM Kick Off Reunion     Closing  
10:00 PM        
11:00 PM