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Folsom, Albert Co. C, Inf. 4th Regt. (killed at Battle of the Wilderness) Unknown
Folsom, Asa Co. B, 2nd Regt. NH Vol. Inf.. Private
Folsom, Benjamin F. Co. F, 14th Regt. Inf./1st DC Cav (died York, PA) Unknown
Folsom, Charles A. Co. E, Mass. Vol. Inf Regt Private
Folsom, Charles E. Co. F, Mass. Inf. Sergeant
Folsom, Charles H. Co. A, 1st Regt. NH Vol. Cavalry Unknown
Folsom, Charles W. US Navy served on USS "Vandalia", "San Jacinto" Unknown
Folsom, Daniel Unknown Unknown
Folsom, Dennet A. 3rd Regt. ME, Lt Artillery; Co. M, 1st Regt ME Heavy Artillery Private
Folsom, Dexter J. 12th Regt NH Vol. Inf. Sergeant
Folsom, Edward H. Co. F&G, 2nd Regt., US Vol. Sharpshooters Unknown
Folsom, Edward H. Capt. Joshua Chapman's Co. NH Militia Unknown
Folsom, Ezra F. 2nd Battery, Mass. Lt Artillery Unknown
Folsom, George P. U.S. Vol Major/Paymaster
Folsom, Henry Frank Co. C, 7th Inf. Minn. 2nd Lieutenant
Folsom, Horace F. Co. H, 11 Regt. NH Vol. Inf. Unknown
Folsom, Horatio Nelson Jr. Died at Vicksburg MS Unknown
Folsom, Horatio Q. 20th IL INfantry (badly wounded in battle of Shiloh Unknown
Folsom, Isaac Co. D, 9th ME, Regt. Corporal
Fulsom, Jackson H. Co. B, 42nd Inf. Mass Vol Militia Unknown
Folsom, Jacob Gale Unknown Unknown
Folsom, James D. 17th Regt. NH Vol. Inf. Surgeon
Folsom, James W. Co. E, 13th Regt. NH Vol. Inf. Unknown
Folsom, John Co. D, 6th Regt. NH Vol Inf. Unknown
Folsom, John A. US Navy served on USS "Ohio", "Bainbridge", "Niagara" and "R.R.Cuyler" Unknown
Folsom, John D. Co. B, 11th Regt. NH Vol. Inf. Unknown
Folsom, John W. Co. K, 1st Regt. NH Vol. Heavy Artillery Unknown
Folsom, Leighton Joseph Co. F, 20th Regt. Inf. 2nd Lieut.
Folsom, Nathan B. 20th Regiment, Illinois Infantry Unknown
Folsom, Nathaniel Jr. Co. G, 12th Regt. NH Vol. Inf. Unknown
Folsom, Nathaniel W. Co. I, 13th Regt. NH Vol. Inf. Unknown
Folsom, Peaslett H. Co. F, 2nd Regt. NH Vol Inf Unknown
Folsom, Philander E. Co. K, 3rd Inf. Minn and 2nd Inf. Minn Major; 2nd Lieutenant
Folsom, Simon Pease MN Inf Vol. Unkown
Folsom, Stephen P. Co. E, 14th Regt. NH Vol. Inf. Unknown
Folsom, Stephen S. vessel Henry Bunker Unknown
Folsom, Thomas T. Co. E, 5th Regt NH Vol Inf Unknown
Folsom, William Horace Co. K, 8th Regt. Inf. Corporal

Many thanks to Cousin Peter Smith of Exeter, NH for contributing most of this material.
This listing is not for commercial use, it may be copied for the sole purpose of personal Genealogy research only.Copyright © Harry Folsom, 29 January 2010

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