Target Areas for Folsom Genealogy Research

Geographic Area Folsom Collateral Lines
Essex Co., MA Samuel Bradley (bapt 1747) Bradley, Colby, Hazen
Grafton Co., NH John (b. Ca 1785-90) Corliss, Gale, Farnum, Colby, Rines
Strafford, Rockingham,
Hillsborough Cos., NH
Joseph, (census 1830)
Robert Peasley (census 1830)
Kenniston, Peasley,
Perkins, Hazen, Bean
Strafford Co., NH Shadrach (b. Cir 1777) Plummer, Wentworth,
Allegeny, Cattaraugus,
Chataqua, Cos., NY
Asa (census 1810)
Jonathan (Census NY 1825)
Lyon, Becker,
Carpenter, Knapp,
Jefferson Co., NY Asa (b. 1800) Lyon, Becker,
Carpenter, Mitchell,
Wesley, Knapp
Cambria Co., PA Hiram James (b. cir 1800)
James (b. 1791)
Kuhn, Gales, Mitchell
Switzerland, Dearborn,
Ripley Cos., IN
Jeremiah (m. 1815)
Richard (b. cir 1785)
James (War of 1812)
Lock, Overturf,
Green, McGuire,
Stucker, Owing
Mansfield, Stafford,
Ashford, Windham, CT
Israel (m. 1713)
Israel (b. cir 1730)
Jeremiah (b. bef. 1744)
Berry, Dunn, Roby

Sommerset, Hunterdon, Cos., NJ Jeremiah (d. aft. 1775)
Israel (d. 1772)
Dunn, Unselt, Cox
Frederick Co., MD Jeremiah Owing
(Robert Owings will -1762)
Jeremiah (Rev. enlist 1776)
John (Rev. disch. 1780)
Ephraim P. (1815-1864)
Dunn, Unselt,
Holliday, Garrett,
Frederick Co., VA Jeremiah (land survey 1749)
Ephraim (chain carrier 1749)
Nathaniel (chain carrier 1749)
Israel (b. cir. 1730)
Dunn, Unselt, Hite,

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