Some Madison Co. Florida Marriage Records
Groom Last Name Groom 1st Name &  
Middle Name
Bride Last Name Bride 1st Name &  
Middle Name
Date County State
Folsom  Curtis Alvin Gardner Gloria Jean  08/24/1980(?) Madison  FL 
Folsom  Jesse Holland Wilson  Ella Fair  02/03/1916  Madison  FL 
Folsom  Jerry Smiley  Henrietta  02/10/1882  Madison  FL 
Folsom Thomas Kelley Celestial 05/06/1885 Madison FL
Folsom Gene Deadwilder Anny 10/01/1885 Madison FL
Folsom Wesley not legible . 11/03/1881 Madison FL
Folsom C. C. King Albie 12/23/1900 Madison FL
Folsom Joshua Davis Victoria 07/28/1900 Madison FL
Folsom Lanear Ragan Clydie 03/23/1929 Madison FL
Folsom R. E. O'Neal Gussie C. 07/27/1910 Madison FL
Folsom Robert Earley Odom Rossie 08/22/1914 Madison FL

This marriage listing is not for commercial use, it may be copied for the sole purpose of personal Genealogy research only.
Harry Folsom, 28 January 2010

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