Salem Methodist Church Cemetery - Partial Listing
Located on Salem Church Rd., 4 mi NW of Hahira., Lowndes Co., GA
(Constituted Jan. 1856)

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Salem Methodist Church,  Lowndes Co., Ga
L Name F Name M Name DOB DOD Comments
FOLSOM WEST R. 1862 (04/20/1862) 1938 (07/28/1938) Sec #E Weston Rountree Folsom
FOLSOM BERRY JONES 04/25/1829 10/18/1902 Sec #E
FOLSOM SARAH ELLEN (WILSON) 05/07/1834 01/17/1901 Sec #E
FOLSOM JAMES ROUNDTREE 1831 1896 Sec #E To the right, 3 unmarked slabs
FOLSOM JOHN A. 07/14/1834 07/29/1914 Sec #W
FOLSOM CALEDONIA (ROGERS) 10/19/1841 05/10/1905 Sec #W

Sec #W To the left


Son of  U. & M.
FOLSOM LEWIS F. 1865 1949 Sec #W
FOLSOM SALLIE C  (MILEY). 1867 1951 Sec #W

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