Oak Hill Cemetery West - Partial Listing

Located North Highland Street, Quitman, Georgia

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Oak Hill Cemetery, Brooks Co., Ga
L Name F Name M Name DOB DOD Comments
FOLSOM Inelle   05/20/1890 01/16/1894  
FOLSOM Bernie W. 11/26/1915 08/20/1950  
FOLSOM Daniel Bryant 03/14/1885 09/28/1954  
FOLSOM Delmar W. 10/06/1892 07/03/1952  
FOLSOM Millinee   11/05/1917    
FOLSOM Sarah Mahalie 09/14/1887 03/22/1957  
FOLSOM Sallie Mae Eason 08/11/1895 03/25/1970  
FOLSOM Willie James 03/03/1917 06/22/1984  
FOLSOM Willie Shaffer 01/16/1894 07/21/1972  
FOLSOM Leona Jenkins 02/26/1917 12/02/1995  

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