Mount Zion Methodist Cemetery - Partial Listing
Located 1/2 mile E. of Rocky Fork Rd. in SW Lowndes Co., GA

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Mount Zion Methodist Cemetery, Lowndes Co., Ga
L Name F Name M Name DOB DOD Comments
FOLSOM BRYANT SOLOMAN 05/27/1896 04/28/1909 Sec #3
FOLSOM HUBERT CLOYS 08/25/1909 12/25/1912 Sec #3
FOLSOM HUBERT F. 10/29/1888 02/10/1974 Sec #3 h/o Annie Cood Folsom
FOLSOM ANNIE  COODY 11/11/1882 04/26/1955 Sec #3 w/o Hubert F. Folsom 
FOLSOM INFANT SON. 09/08/1917 09/08/1917 09/08/1917 Sec #3 s/o m/m H. G. Folsom

Sec #3
FOLSOM JAMES  OWEN 05/06/1885 07/30/1908 Sec #3
12/24/1890 10/05/1913 Sec #3 Eddie Oveda Folsom
FOLSOM P. (PENNYWELL) G. 08/17/1844 12/02/1915 Sec #3
FOLSOM  LAURA V. (NEWSON) 03/12/1861 02/22/1940 Sec #3 w/o P. G. Folsom

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