Buck Creek Cemetery - Partial Listing
Located about 8 miles east of Moultrie, Colquitt Co., GA off highway 37 between
Ellenton and Reed Bingham State Park 
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Buck Creek Cemetery,  Colquitt Co., Ga
L Name F Name M Name DOB DOD Comments
FOLSOM (infant)
no date no date 3 Graves i/o Nathan Folsom
FOLSOM (infant)
no date no date 2 Graves i/o Ben Folsom
FOLSOM BENJAMIN F. 08/01/1879 11/16/1958 h/o Susie C. Folsom
11/05/1833 1916 h/o Emily Parrish Folsom
08/14/1946 04/08/1961 d/o Emory & Dolly Spears Folsom
FOLSOM ELIZABETH R. (Ricks) 03/25/1884 11/05/1965
FOLSOM GRADY LEE 10/01/1912 05/13/1937 h/o Louise Folsom Adams
FOLSOM HENRY  R. 12/23/1883 10/05/1984 s/o R. N. & Mary L. Marchant Folsom
FOLSOM HILTON WARREN 10/04/1920 07/12/1995 h/o Mae Dunlap Folsom
FOLSOM MAE DUNLAP 05/13/1922 --- w/o Hilton Warren Folsom
FOLSOM MARY MARCHANT 10/30/1840 07/10/1904 w/o R. N. (Randall Nance) Folsom
FOLSOM NATHAN W. 06/13/1875 04/20/1967
FOLSOM NELLIE J. 01/02/1906 04/22/1910
FOLSOM R. N.  (Randall Nance) 01/19/1844 12/09/1933 h/o Mary Folsom
FOLSOM RANDELL G. (Gordon) 04/09/1874 12/23/1945
FOLSOM ROBERT H. no date no date Buried in Holland
03/02/1905 03/22/1905
FOLSOM SALLIE B. 10/12/1882 09/04/1948
FOLSOM SUSIE C. (Cannady) 1889 07/17/1968 w/o Benjamin F. Folsom
FOLSOM WADE H. 05/27/1878 11/06/1970 h/o Mary Ann Weeks Folsom

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