Boggy Depot Cemetery - Partial Listing
Located in Atoka County, OK 10 miles west of Atoka, OK and approximately 5 miles south.
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Boggy Depot Cemetery - Atoka County, OK
L Name F Name M Name DOB DOD Comments
1 May 1802 24 Apr 1870 Rev.
FOLSOM Lovica Nail 28 Feb 1807 11 Jul 1876 wife of Israel

17 Sep 1877 daughter of Dr. I. W. and Bell Folsom
MOORE John Henry 27 Aug 1838 24 May 1880 M.D., husband of Sophia Folsom
MOORE Sophia Folsom 16 Aug 1838 11 Feb 1871 wife of John Henry Moore MD
MOORE Thomas B. 1 Jan 1863 11 Apr 1882 son of John Henry and Sophia Moore

Note: There are other Folsom relatives in this cemetery. I will add them later as I identify them.

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